wtorek, 12 października 2010

...I'm sick.

Well yeah, there won't be any episode today.
It might be food poisoning or maybe flu... hell... I don't know. Thing I know is that I have 38 Celsius degrees fever (around 100.4F) and I'm going to bed.

poniedziałek, 11 października 2010

piątek, 8 października 2010

Wasteland is harsh!

First things first! Guide's have new awesome look!
Recently I found out that Klamath have interesting place.

     Long hair! Hell yeah!

And now few funny and interesting situation out of hundreds which I saw while wandering around wasteland.

Bloody mess made by one female with single 10mm pistol. Be very afraid!

Fun with cattle prod.

I'm not a bad guy. I have leaved her as a bait for new molerats.

 If she is innocent, then I'm saint.

Dude in leather jacket must hate people.

Those damn swarms of mutated rats.

It's cold is'nt it? You can use Your own trained fire gecko to get warm!

czwartek, 7 października 2010

What's gone happen.

Tomorrow I want to say few words about how wasteland is harsh. Believe me You gone hear that phrase a lot. Now repeat with me "Wasteland is harsh" and wait until tomorrow post. ;]

poniedziałek, 4 października 2010

Meet the Guide!

Hello friend they said that You need help, don't You? So I'm here to provide it. You can call me Guide, cus' my only objective will be to guide You through wastelands. Ready to go?

First day We will check Necropolis.

Whole city is actually ruin but You can meet there few ghouls wandering around without any purpose.

I have found some funny toys in one of the destroyed drawers. Won't be usefull to me but it can always be traded for other good or money.

Anyway conclusion is that necropolis is not very interesting pleace. No traders, no players, almost no live. Well of course if you count living death called ghouls as living being.

niedziela, 3 października 2010

What to do...

I thought what to write tomorrow and this came to me.

I've made special character. He is called "Guide" and he will guide you through the game. I'm thinking is that will work out, anyway we will see.

It is HtH character fighting with melee weapons. No more looking for ammo!