sobota, 25 września 2010

What is it all about?!

It's about Fallout 2 Online. It's mmorpg game, based on good old 2D fallout 2 graphics and absolutely new engine which was created from scratch.

If you want to join the post-apocalyptic world od death and destruction follow this link: FOnline:2238. It is main forum of 2238 FOnline server.

5 komentarzy:

  1. i saw some screens of this the other day, looked pretty decent.

  2. Haven't even heard of this before, loved Fallout though!
    Definitely giving this a try!

  3. How is the gameplay conpared to Fallout 3? I may try this out, thanks for this find!

  4. You made this game yourself or something? Or did you just made a fan site ? :p